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    How to upgrade your 206's speakers


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    How to upgrade your 206's speakers

    Post by *-jester-* on Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:03 pm

    Below are some of the more common questions regarding the replacement or upgrading of the stock speakers fitted to the 206 Pugs.

    206 Speaker Specs.

    Front: 16.5-17cm (6½")
    Rear: 13cm (5¼")

    Depth Restrictions:
    Front: 60mm (2¼") *note this can be increased to 76mm (3") see fitting guide below.
    Rear (3-door): no restriction
    Rear (5-door): 70mm (if factory plastic rear cover is removed)

    Speaker Type
    Front: 2-way component speaker setup (separate woofers & tweeters)
    Rear: Full-range speakers

    All measurements are in millimetres with approximate equivalent imperial measurements in brackets (inches)

    Fitting Guides
    Front speakers:

    Door mounted woofers
    On some 206's you can access the front door speakers via a removable speaker grille like so:-

    HOWEVER for some reason Peugeot stopped production of the removable speaker grilles! If this is the case on your car then you will need to remove the whole door-card to gain access. Follow >this guide< for door-card removal.

    Once you've removed the old speaker you will see why there is a depth restriction. As seen in the picture below there is a plastic grill at the rear of the speaker housing, see pic:-

    There is a good possibility (especially if you are upgrading) that your new speakers will be too deep and foul on this rear grill.
    I overcome this problem by cutting away this rear grill using my handy Dremel™️ Tool and cutting disc

    alternatively you could drill a series of holes around the perimeter then use a hacksaw blade to cut the rest away like so:-

    Care still has to be taken to ensure that you new speaker will not foul on the window or the window mechanism when the window is open. The maximum depth of speaker that can be used before it fouls on the window is 76mm (3").

    I still recommend you wind the window all the way down to double check to make sure yours doesn't before you go any further!
    Don't worry however if you find that yours does foul on the window because you can fit a spacer ring behind the speaker to 'push' the speaker forward and away from the window a bit. Speaker Spacer Rings are available through most good car audio shops or alternatively you could quiet easily cut some out of a sheet of MDF.

    The standard tweeters are located in the cheetah triangles.

    To remove, grasp the panel firmly just with your fingers and tug it towards you. There are a couple of plastic clips and 2 plastic tubes which sit inside the door panel, and not much force is required to free the panel from the door.

    Unfortunately there isn't a great deal of room behind the cheetahs (unless you have the newer styled cheetahs) to fit aftermarket tweeters without a great deal of modification.

    You may want to consider mounting them using their surface mounting fittings to the dashboard for example.

    Rear Speakers: (3 Door)

    Replacing the rear speakers is a bit more labour intensive due to the fact that the rear seats have to be removed along with the door-cards and all rear side trims.
    See >this guide< for step by step instructions of how to access the rear speakers.

    Rear Speakers: (5 Door)

    To replace the rear speakers on a 5 door Pug you will have to remove the door-cards.
    You'll see a Torx screw in the bottom of the interior closing handle that has to be removed

    remove the surround from the interior handle

    then the rest of the door-card is held onto the door with the usual 'pop clips'.

    Now you should see the crappy factory fitted speaker, it's fitted to the door with 4x pop rivets (dodgy) which will have to be drilled out to enable removal of the speaker.

    On the rear of the speaker is a plastic shield, I decided to remove the shield completely to allow a deeper speaker to be fitted in it's place.

    Now disconnect the speaker wiring and replace the factory plug with suitable connectors to suit your new speakers.

    Fit new speaker, I decided to drill new fixing holes and fix the new speaker using 4x self tapping screws.

    Remember to test the speakers before refitting the door-cards.
    The door-cards are re-fitted in the reverse procedure as removal but make sure that all the 'pop-clips' are attached to the door-card (not still in the door) before re-fitting.

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