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    Peugeot Paint Colour Codes


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    Peugeot Paint Colour Codes

    Post by *-jester-* on Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:32 pm

    Below is a chart of the most common 206 paint codes.

    The majority of Peugeot paint colours are also known by their French name (i.e. Sapphire Blue is also known as Bleu Tivoli) If you order your paint from your local Peugeot Dealer then you will notice that it will have it's French name printed on the aerosol tin or touch-up stick. However, to avoid confusion I've decided not include their French names on this chart.

    - Non Metallic -
    Bianca White - EWP
    Indigo Blue - EGJ
    Nordic Green - KQY
    Evergreen - KRG
    Cherry red - EKB
    Ardent red - KJF
    Onyx Black - EXY

    - Metallic -
    Sapphire Blue - KNY
    Kingfisher Blue - KMH
    Moonstone Blue - EYL
    Amazonian Green - QKA
    Tuscany Green - KRU
    Tie break green - KSJ
    Crystal Green - KRV
    Aubergine - KKG
    Aluminium Silver - EZR
    Platinum Silver - EYC
    Mercury Grey - EZA
    Storm Grey - EYN

    - Pearlescent -
    Aegian Blue - KMF
    China Blue - EGE
    Cypress Green - KQM
    Diablo Red - EKQ
    Vulcan Red - EKZ
    Firedance - KHD

    This is not a complete chart (full chart consists of 86 colours) so if you can't find your colour code amongst the chart then please let me know and I'll see if I can find it for you.

    p.s. I also have a list of the part numbers for both the Peugeot 150ml aerosol spray tins and the 12ml touch-ups. If you require any of these then please let me know for which colour.

    Still not sure what paint code??
    Don't worry, on the 206 it is printed on either one of two locations...

    Either (on older models) on a sticker on the passenger side (near side) front suspension strut visible close to the battery when the bonnet is open. The code you're looking for is the 3 letters. i.e. KSJ (
    Tie break green) as seen in the picture below.

    Or on newer models you should find an information label either on the edge of the drivers door or on the door frame visible when you have the door open. The code you're looking for on this type of label is the first 3 letters of the code close to the bottom of the label. i.e. EWP (White) as shown in the example picture below.

    Incidentally, the 4th letter of the paint code printed on the newer style info labels refers to the finish of the paint i.e. in the example pic above A refers to an 'opaque' finish, if it was; B-'non-metallic', C-'metallic', or D-'pearlescent'.

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